Miu Miu: Leading The Way In Distinctive Brand Values

In the ever-evolving tapestry of luxury, the quest to weave compelling narratives and resonate with audiences has never been more intricate. As luxury brands strategically navigate the digital realm, a critical question emerges: Does the image they meticulously craft align with the perceptions of their discerning audiences? This captivating enigma forms the centerpiece of our exploration as we harness the transformative power of artificial intelligence to decode the secrets of brand identity.

The Heart of the Matter: Values…

Using their Brand Magic Index, the British media powerhouse, Business of Fashion, sought to explore how the core values championed by brands resonate, or fail to resonate, with consumers. To accomplish this, they partnered with the artificial intelligence platform, Quilt.AI, which, through a series of algorithms, detected and analyzed thousands of posts across Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Weibo from May 1 to July 31, 2023.

This data expedition encompassed a curated selection of 50 prominent fashion and luxury brands, allowing us to paint a vivid portrait of values alignment based on the 12 archetypes originally articulated by the visionary Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Gustav Jung, in the early 20th century. These values were thoughtfully categorized into four overarching domains, each representing fundamental human aspirations: Independence (Innocent, Explorer, Sage), Belonging (Lover, Jester, Everyman), Mastery (Hero, Magician, Outlaw), and Stability (Caregiver, Creator, Ruler).

Miu Miu: The Epitome of Alignment

At the zenith of our index, emerges the illustrious Italian Maison, Miu Miu, with an awe-inspiring alignment score of 95/100. Fuelled by a wave of “new creativity,” this brand effortlessly conveys a profound sense of independence that harmonizes exquisitely with its dedicated audience. This resonance not only amplifies its allure but also elevates its standing in the realm of desirability.

Within the top echelons, we encounter Armani, boasting an impressive score of 92/100. While it may not occupy the ‘hot’ spot in this context, it basks in the glow of an image deeply rooted in consistency, thoughtfully nurtured under the vigilant gaze of its founder, Giorgio Armani. Sharing the same score, BOSS gracefully reaps the rewards of its well-executed identification strategy, with its parent company diligently tending to the visibility and distinctiveness of its portfolio of brands.

A Predictable Lower Ranking

In the midst of luxury brands that occasionally find themselves at odds with the values they project and those perceived by their audience, stands Lanvin, humbly holding a score of 62/100. The brand’s challenge lies in the complexity of embracing a clear and coherent identity. Yet, as Lanvin navigates a period of restructuring, the imminent revelation of the individual steering its forthcoming collections is an announcement eagerly awaited.

A similar narrative unfolds for Gucci, securing a score of 58 points. This score seemingly mirrors the brand’s ongoing creative evolution, as it transitions from the baroque era masterminded by Alessandro Michele to embrace the world of quiet luxury, curated under the watchful eye of its new creative director, Sabato de Sarno.

It’s noteworthy that the prevailing archetype for brands appears to be that of the Ruler—a discovery our astute researchers deem “logical.” They argue that the primary focus for these brands is to meticulously delineate the boundaries of their creative domains. However, audiences tend to perceive these same brands through the lens of the Hero archetype, indicative of a yearning to establish their intrinsic worth.

For a comprehensive dive into the BoF Brand Magic Index 2023, we invite you to explore the full report, accessible through this link.

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