Zalando x Aspesi Collaboration: Cinema Club Collection

Zalando has recently launched an exciting and exclusive collaboration with the renowned Italian label Aspesi, unveiling the fabulous Cinema Club collection. This new collection is a celebration of Italian cinema’s Golden Age, aiming to bring the classic film culture to a modern audience, particularly targeting the millennial demographic. By merging iconic scenes and masterpieces from legendary Italian directors with Aspesi’s impeccable fashion expertise, the Cinema Club collection offers a unique and nostalgic experience for fashion enthusiasts.

The capsule collection includes a total of 16 carefully crafted pieces, all made in Italy. The range features a variety of gender-neutral garments such as shirts, T-shirts, a stylish bomber jacket, and cargo trousers. Each design in the collection is intricately woven with elements of storytelling and self-expression, reflecting the carefree and spirited nature of today’s youthful individuals. Utilizing a blend of high-quality nylon and cotton fabrics, the collection offers a modern reinterpretation of utility wear, appealing to the discerning taste of luxury fashion enthusiasts.

In addition to the stunning fashion pieces, Zalando and Aspesi have also produced captivating imagery and video content that perfectly captures the essence of Italian cinema. The content includes a delightful cinema dialogue starring actors Coco Rebecca Edogamhe and Mattia Carrano, adding a playful and engaging touch to the collection.

This collaborative effort is part of Zalando’s ongoing commitment to curate an exceptional Designer experience for its customers. The Cinema Club collection is now available for purchase on Zalando’s Designer destination on both its website and app, as well as in select Aspesi retail stores. By seamlessly blending elements of fashion and cinematic inspiration, Zalando and Aspesi have created a truly remarkable collection that honors Italian heritage and creativity.

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