UK Consumers Gear Up for Mother’s Day Shopping Spree

As UK consumers transition from celebrating Valentine’s Day to gearing up for Mother’s Day on March 10, a slight uptick in spending is expected during this upcoming shopping event. A recently published report from data and analytics specialist GlobalData projects that shoppers are likely to spend approximately £1.7 billion on gifts and celebrations, representing a 1.1% increase compared to the previous year.

Despite the persistent trend of inflationary pressures leading to higher prices, consumers are proceeding with caution when it comes to their budgets. More than half of the surveyed individuals are intending to purchase gifts for Mother’s Day, with the cost being a key consideration in their decision-making process.

GlobalData’s analysis underscores the impact of inflation on consumers as they grapple with escalated costs without a commensurate increase in value. This echoes the concerns observed during the recent Valentine’s Day shopping spree, showcasing a consistent pattern in consumer behavior.

A significant 41% of shoppers who are planning to buy or have already purchased gifts for Mother’s Day are adhering to a budget of less than £20, underscoring the demand for cost-effective options. Supermarkets are poised to benefit from this preference, as food gifts and flowers are anticipated to be popular selections.

Moreover, about 20% of consumers have shown interest in purchasing clothing or jewelry for Mother’s Day, representing a lucrative opportunity for retailers. To cater to the price-sensitive clientele, retailers need to diversify their offerings by providing a range of price points to attract a wider customer base.

Analyst Joe Dawson emphasizes that consumers are still prioritizing affordability and actively seeking out the best deals available. In order to maximize sales during the Mother’s Day shopping frenzy, retailers must proactively advertise discounts, promotions, and economical choices both online and in physical stores to captivate a broader audience. By accentuating value and budget-friendly alternatives, retailers can leverage the heightened participation in this festive occasion and drive sales.

For more tips on navigating Mother’s Day shopping successfully, check out Good Housekeeping’s Mother’s Day gift guide. Additionally, explore unique and affordable gift options at Etsy’s Mother’s Day Gift collection.

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